Quebradadel Condorito: Al on a Rock

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top of a Rock

A mixed-media painting of Al on top of a rock, using a transfer of a photo I took on kilometre 14 of our 22 kilometre hike into the ‘Quebrada del Condorito‘ (Canyon of the Place of Condors). The second painting is of a vulture that posed for us along the route, also sitting on top of a rock, just like Al…

corrugated cardboard collaged to one of my Quebrada paintings The original photo:
Al on a rock in the condor parkThe posing vulture painting…
13auQuebradavulturepainting2504w The original posing vulture photo…
vulture on a rock  in Argentina
I used a high contrast black and white print of the vulture to transfer the image onto the painting…
vulture on a rock For more about this challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/on-top/

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top of a Rock

    1. This is my brand new blog where, among other things, I am having fun playing around with some of my old photos. I like your flowers on top post – so nice to see flowers in unexpected places….

      1. After a long hiatus, I finally got back involved in the weekly photo challenges. I enjoy checking out everyone’s (well, not everyone’s—there are just too many) posts. It’s interesting to see how people see things differently on the same subject, sometimes in ways I would have never imagined. I’m still using older photos in these challenges.

        And thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. 🙂

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