Travel Theme: Buddhist Glow (Myanmar)

Myanmar is such a mystical country that using the ‘Glow Look’ in the free Photoshop Express app somehow turns it into how it really was.

Stupas at Bagan Golden Buddha Giant Buddha in Bagan Metal Top of a Stupa at Inle Lake Bridge at Mandalay Old Monk at Inle Lake Enveloped in a Glow For more on this challenge:

Note: Photoshop Express is a free app from Adobe with lots of fun options. This ‘Glow Look’ is one of my favourites – along with the golden glow it also kind of blurs the edges, making it a great one to use if your image is slightly out of focus. 

Since I am particularly fond of it with anything Buddhist, and I had an out-of-focus shot of a monk I added this look to Week 4 of my December One Four Challenge.
Burmese monk with a 'Glow Look'


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