WPC: Photos of Blossoms into Works of Art

In Hong Kong we happened upon the Royal Society of Photographer’s Show. One of the photographers in the show, Chan Shu Choi, had taken his photos so that they looked as if they were Chinese paintings.

Hong Kong Royal Society of Photographers Photo Exhibit Book

Hong Kong Royal Society of Photographers Photo Exhibit Book

I was fascinated with this and for awhile attempted to take photos of trees in blossom that conveyed the same sense of being paintings. I was handicapped by the lack of aperture priority on my camera which would have allowed an interesting shallow depth of field, but was otherwise fairly pleased with the results.

This spring I got hold of a photo app called ‘Waterlogue’ and transformed several of my ‘Chinese painting’ photos into watercolours. They were a bit too watery, without some of the details I wanted, so I overlaid the actual photo on top, registered it with the ‘watercolour’ using ‘Multiply’, and then used one of the options in the ‘Overlay’ section to make the photo disappear into the painting. If you check out the ‘History’ panel below you can see that I tried out multiple blending changes before I decided on ‘Vivid Light’.
agave: waterlogue overlay in process And ultimately went back to a more subtle blending mode for my yucca blossom, known in Chinese as ‘Dragon Tongue Orchid Flower’ (the Chinese characters on the bottom right).
Agave Blossom Painted in WaterlogueChocolate vine (Akebia quinata) flowers.
Chocolate Vine Painted in WaterlogueCherry blossoms (the stamens didn’t show up in the Waterlogued version).
Cherry Blossom Painted in WaterlogueThe poem in the image below says ‘flowers bloom, flowers fall’, and is a metaphor for how everything changes over time. These are witch hazel blossoms, and again I added the stamens via an overlaid original photo. 

Witch Hazel Blossoms Painted in WaterlogueThis post combines the Travel Theme’s Photo Challenge of ‘Blossoms’ with the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge of ‘A Work of Art’.

Travel Theme: http://wheresmybackpack.com/2014/05/16/travel-theme-blossom/

Daily Post: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/work-of-art/


10 responses to “WPC: Photos of Blossoms into Works of Art

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  3. One word: wow! Not only are the pics beautiful, loved the way you included something educational in your post as well. Will defnitely check out the Waterlogue app; thanks for sharing!

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