painting of Tiger Lilies

Trying to Jumpstart My Creativity – Week 2

After 11 years of health issues, I was finally ready to start painting again, but having trouble getting into it. I signed up for a class on Mixed Media and then tried to get ready for it by forcing myself to do one ‘creative project’ a day. This is my second week of trying.

May 7th, 2011 – It was pouring so I spent the morning downloading 129 photos from the last three days.

In the afternoon I went to the Grad Art Exhibition at the Emily Carr Art School where there were some intriguing folded canvas pieces, as well as one artist who worked with layers of torn/cut paper. I didn’t take any photos of their work but they reminded me of some of my old sketch ideas that need developing.
folded sewn art; on the reverse are scribbles May 8th
This method of documenting my creative project day by day isn’t working. Perhaps if I had thousands of followers following my every move. But I don’t. In fact, I checked, I don’t have a single person following me. (NOTE: Three years later and 22 followers) (NOTE: Five years later and 129 followers, yahoo!)

So each blog must be self-contained and cannot refer back to a previous unlinked blog. I am now reworking all my posts. Each will contain an article about a project, and be updated as the project continues. This will hopefully show the process of how I got to the final art piece, and also any offshoots of that process. What you now see is the result of that reorganization.

May 9th – shell game

shell rings from Costa Rica combined with beads
shell ‘rings’ from Costa Rica combined with beads

May 10th – photographic studies of beach pebbles
artistic beach pebbles
May 11th – black-winged dragonfly captured in Laos silver
black-winged dragonfly in Laos I actually did this about two weeks ago, I admit it, I am cheating here. But some ‘germs’ of ideas exist only in my head, and I would like some time to explore them. Not to mention the fact that the unfinished projects are piling up faster than I can deal with them, and then there’s the rest of my life. So please excuse me, I’m off to water my dying plants…
May 12th – a sketch of a tiger lily painting that would also be a stringed instrument
sketch of tiger lily stringed instrument May 13th – expanding on my studies of rocks

sketch of orangey stones
sketch of orangey stones

Week 1 of My One-a-Day Creative Project


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