Expanding on My Studies of Rocks

May 13, 2011: part of my one-a-day creative project

orangy rock collage

orangy rock collage

Today I expanded on my studies of rocks. I was envisioning these rocks painted in an arrangement of squares, each square about 10”x 10”, and each painting exploring a different texture/media; a perfect test for my multimedia painting class coming up.

Somehow I would attach the paintings to one another so that they stay squared off. But even though one of the purposes of this one-a-day project is to get me off the computer and into ‘studio-mode’, my first thought was that I could use the photos that I took earlier in the week and make a collage out of them in Photoshop (see above).

This method didn’t work so I ended up doing a couple of sketches of what was in my head. And found a couple of reasons why the photograph wasn’t working. In my sketches the rocks always echoed each other in some way; it reminded me of putting in stepping stones, each one has to somehow fit into the one before it and the one after it, as a kind of linear puzzle.

There was also a positive/negative interaction that became more apparent when I added watercolour to the sketches. Like my acrylics, my watercolours hadn’t been opened in years, and even I only managed to get about six of them open, those six just happened to be the colours I wanted.

sketch of panels of orangy stone images

sketch of panels of orangy stone images

On my second sketch I saw that if I had a black and white stone then I would need an orangey background, and with the orangey stones I would need a blackish background to create the positive/negative interaction that I wanted. So I am moving forward, just somewhat slower than I had hoped…

Previous stone study:  http://elizabatz.com/2013/08/27/beach-pebbles-a-photographic-study/


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