Taking Macros of Flowers and Buds

I’m testing out my new Olympus Stylus TG3 ‘Super’ Macro on some flowers in my garden. You see a whole new world when you get up this close! A few things I had to watch out for with ‘super’ macros:

  • imperfections, dust, pollen and spiderwebs show up larger than life when shooting this close, so check that the flower you choose is as perfect as a possible
  • every so often check for pollen on the lens; otherwise some of your photos will have vague yellowish splotches obscuring the next flower that you shoot
  • watch out for bees; they’re always trying to photobomb your photos!

‘Wild’ rose.Wild Rose Macro Alien-looking purple bearded iris.
Macro of Purple Iris My dianthus ‘Sooty’, looking very spiky. (I suspect there was some pollen on the lens but here it seemed to soften the image in an interesting way.)
Dianthus 'Sooty' MacroCranesbill geranium after the rain.
Cranesbill Geranium Macro Lying on the grass looking up at my allium.
Allium MacroDark purple, almost black, columbine.
Purple Columbine Macro Scale gets really messed up using ‘Super’ macro. I didn’t even recognize this flower even though it was somewhere in my small garden. Later I went out and checked, and discovered that it was the centre of a Perennial Blue Bachelor Button.
Mountain Bachelor Button macro For more on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Floral Macros.


11 responses to “Taking Macros of Flowers and Buds

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  2. How interesting to see such wonderful details of these flowers 😉 A lovely Dianthus I’ve not come across before- did you grow it from seed or find it as a small plant? WG

      • I found the hardiness zones at Dave’s Garden, and it is certainly hardy here in Zone 7. I’ve also found seeds online. Dianthus do well for us here, and the deer blessedly leave them alone. Thank you for showing me this cultivar. I normally grow white Dianthus, and this will be a nice addition to the sunny parts of the garden and a good cut flower. Best wishes, WG WG

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