sketch of folded origami crystals

Trying to Jumpstart My Creativity – Week 3

Three years ago I tried forcing myself to do one ‘creative project’ a day. This is from my third week of trying.

May 14, 2011
Got up at six to yet another gray soggy day, blogged a bit, went back to bed at 9:30, got up at 12:00, blogged some more, napped some more, went out in the evening to the Alibi Room and partied.

Lately I’m only posting my older work and jewelry. Just before my life turned sideways I was going at my art full speed ahead. But now I look at what I have attempted to do lately; the folded palm and the textured rock thing, and find them pathetic.

The jewelry part hasn’t been too difficult to get into but that was one of the few things I managed to do up while I was having major health problems.

Working on a painting, and thinking my way through it is quite scary, intimidating. I haven’t done it in so long I’m afraid that I may have lost that ability…

May 15th – creating an artwork inspired by fossil-hunting. Another ancient sketch… fossil rock sketch May 16th – trying to make crystals in origami. And yet another ancient sketch…sketch of folded origami crystals May 17 to 21 – are spent gathering inspiration & on two photo projects
I haven’t stopped my one-a-day project, I’ve just stopped blogging about it. Blogging was redefining my project. I was spending way too much time searching, writing, scanning, photographing, editing and re-editing posts on the projects, and absolutely no time on the projects themselves.

I ended up posting up a lot of my old stuff as I find my new stuff is unfinished and horrible. And since one reason for doing this was to get myself off the computer I have failed miserably!

On the plus side, I have learned a lot about blogging, gathered a ton of inspiration for my multimedia class, and managed to clean up most of my art supplies. I WILL post about what I am doing at some point, but only when I have time.

May 22 – switching to a one-a-week project
This project has collapsed under its own weight. Unfinished projects are scattered all over the house. My husband is complaining that he can’t walk anywhere without stepping on a project. The washing machine, dryer and ironing board are piled with projects and I’m running out of clothes to wear…


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