weed against corrugated metal

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge: a Delicate Weed

These tiny yellow flowers on some feathery weeds growing in the alley provided the inspiration for this painting.

Here is a photo of this delicate weed growing in my back alley, up against some weathered wood.weeds against weathered wood

Watercolour and pencil sketch of this weedy fern-like plant that someone put in a pot sculpted in the shape of a head.Watercolour and ink sketch of Asparagus Fern in a face-shaped pot

Here are some different photos that have been made into a high-contrast prints suitable for image transfer. weed against corrugated metal 13Jnweedweatheredwood1741w The high-contrast images were transferred onto a painted background, plaster texture applied and everything was worked on until it achieved the effect I was looking for. Most people thought this was a painting of trees. It’s interesting to see how the sense of scale is distorted in this painting, especially since the weeds themselves are slightly smaller than life-size.weed painting transfers and addition of texture At some point I stuck some real weeds onto the painting and fell in love with their burgundy stems. Of course the problem with using organic material in one’s painting is that they don’t necessarily stay the way they were when they were added. In this case the flowers turned into a mass of little seed parachutes, and the burgundy stems turned dark brown. I ended up repainting the stems burgundy and adding little yellow dots to represent the flowers. Weed Painting Jeanne told me that to finish the painting I must make sure that the ‘real’ weeds are stuck down completely to keep them from accidentally tearing. At this point not all of the stems are adhering and it is proving to quite difficult to stick them down.

Also because of the organic material I will need to spray acrylic varnish on the painting to seal it and put a stop to any further organic processes. And then I get to frame it. I took the photograph of the painting on the stairs and quite like the way the weathered wood framed the image. So now I have to find some weathered wood – I don’t think Al would be very pleased if I tore apart the stairs!

For more about this challenge: http://suellewellyn2011.wordpress.com/2014/06/16/a-word-a-week-photograph-challenge-delicate/


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