Is My New Camera a One-Trick Pony?

My new Olympus has ‘Super’ Macro plus a couple of addictive ‘Magic’ tricks, and I love it!  But now it’s time to get serious. When I bought it they told me I had 15 days to bring it back and I have to make sure it does everything I want it to.

My new camera is fabulous with ‘Super’ Macro, but it won’t even focus on this medium macro using its ‘Macro’ setting. This means I have to go to ‘Auto’ mode for anything further away than an inch or two. Rusted Equipment on Granville Island Out of FocusUsing the Magic ‘Pop’ filter, addictive magic trick no. 1. (Sorry, I said I would get serious but these magic tricks are just so addictive).Rusted Equipment on Granville Island Using Pop 'Magic' Using the ‘Drama’ Magic filter, addictive magic trick no. 2. Rusted Equipment on Granville Island Using Drama 'Magic'A similar image with my old camera on the ‘Macro’ setting. Granville Island rust compositionsOkay, yes, I’m still playing around with the ‘Trick’ filters. But when I really tested the two cameras in terms of macro shots I found that the Nikon set to ‘Macro’ is about as good as the Olympus set to ‘Auto’, which is the only way the Olympus takes mid-macro shots like above and below. The images below are of objects that are not curved in any way, so the failure to focus at the edges (marked by the dotted lines), has to do with the camera and not the object. In this case the Nikon actually is superior to the Olympus.
out-of-focus areas out-of-focus rusty letters When I tested the Olympus in the store I brought along my camera card and tried taking the same photo with several different cameras. Here I used ‘Super-macro’ setting on this set of keys and the image was sharp all the way to the edges. But this sharpness only works in Super-macro, and not for ‘semi-macro’ which is what I usually take pictures of.Olympus Macro Shot of Keys So is my new camera a one-trick pony? The regular shots and video also suffered from out-of-focus problems, and I found myself throwing out about 40% of all photos.

I fear I will have to take this camera back – it really isn’t what I wanted. I hate taking things back, but it’s better than cursing it for the next 40,000 photos.

So now what? A friend has lent me his Pentax Waterproof to test but I really didn’t like this one in the store, and took it out of the running right away. Later Note: This Pentax is horrible, hard to use, with really strange murky quality to the photos. It doesn’t look too bad below but at 100% it really leaves a lot to be desired.
Pentax does Seafood Dish Badly Maybe I should go to a non-waterproof?


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