Ngapali Beach rocks covered with barnacles and shellfish

Weekly Photo Challenge – Creating Textures on Ngapali Beach

The beach in Ngapali in Myanmar was full of textures.

The barnacles and oysters created a piece with contrasting textures. Ngapali Beach Rocks with Shells The tiny black shell creatures were working with the white barnacles to create a work of art with contrasting values. Ngapali Beach Rocks with BarnaclesMother Nature carved holes in the rocks, and the artsy barnacles added a sprinkling of white texture. Ngapali Beach Holey Rocks Here is some sand art created with crab spit. crab spit sand art at Ngapali Beach in Myanmar The wind started getting into it and rolled the tiny spit balls making them look like exclamation marks.crab spit sand art at Ngapali Beach in Myanmar I think the crabs were competing with Mother Nature’s sand art. Ngapali Beach Ripples in the sandart5081w Ngapali Beach Waves Painting Sand For more on this Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Texture : This also goes with the ‘A Word A Week Photograph Challenge’ – Create :


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Creating Textures on Ngapali Beach

  1. I like these very much, the last one reminds me of similar “trees” we saw on a Western Australia becah, they’re wonderful works of art.

    1. They reminded me of trees from a fairy tale. Does the Becah look like a fairy tale?
      Later: I wanted to see these trees so I looked up ‘becah’ and spellcheck kept changing it to ‘beach’. So I guess Becah isn’t a place but a typo. Still, if I ever make it to Western Australia I will definitely head to the beach to check out these trees.

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