A Photo of a Burmese Monk Edited Four Different Ways – December Week 1

I just discovered an exciting new challenge to take one photo and edit it four different ways, started last month by Robyn G. of Captivate Me.

The photo I have chosen for this month’s challenge is of a monk walking through an open doorway in the Shwenandaw Monastery in Mandalay. This is my favourite shot of the monastery but my camera doesn’t work that well in the dark and this shot is out of focus compared to the others that were taken in areas with more light. Even with sharpening and more sharpening it was still too blurry. My challenge is to edit this photo four different ways in an attempt to turn it into something special.

This is the original after cropping, lots of sharpening and lots of retouching the colour noise caused by all that sharpening. A Monk Walks Through an Open Door in the Shwenandaw Monastery in MandalayThis is my edited version for December Week 1. It has had Photoshop’s Drybrush Filter applied to it with the following settings: Brush Size, 0; Brush Detail, 10; and Texture, 1. After this I again sharpened it with a mix of Sharpen Edges and Unsharp Mask. A Monk walls Through an Open Door in the Shwenandaw Monastery in MandalayNext week I’ll try editing it in a different photo app and see what happens.

For more on Robyn’s Challenge : http://robynsfineart.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/one-four-challenge-dec-wk-1/


8 responses to “A Photo of a Burmese Monk Edited Four Different Ways – December Week 1

  1. Hi Eliza, beautiful image. You have brought out the texture and mellowness of the wood already and detail in the monks gown. Looking forward to see where you take this next! Chris

  2. The down side of shots that are out of focus is that no matter how much you sharpen them on the computer they will never become in focus as you just end up sharpening the blur. Also because it was shot in dark conditions I going to guess the camera used a high ISO causing a lot of noise which when sharpened adds a muddy feel and more blur in a way.
    I am with Robyn that the black and white would suit this image.

      • This is great to hear Eliza!!
        I tend to agree with Ben and I’ve been pondering on your image – it’s stayed with me – it’s memorable – maybe you could also try an arty direction – try one without sharpening perhaps?? Food for thought 🙂
        Look forward to seeing your next version.

  3. Hello Eliza – really glad youre joining us 😃
    I think this is a special image already – perhaps more of a suggestion of a time and place with the Monk passing through.
    Love the warmth and wonderful textures and that lovely light.
    Looking forward to your next processes. I bet BW would be wonderful with this one too. 😜
    Such a wonderfully intriguing image!!

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