December Week 4: One Four Challenge of a Burmese Monk

I started this challenge searching for a way to rescue an out-of-focus photo of a Burmese monk.

Week 1. Tons of sharpening didn’t do much except create an enormous amount of colour noise. The ‘drybrush’ filter in Photoshop got rid of the noise and I was able to sharpen it again, resulting in a photo that I wasn’t too displeased with.
A Monk Walks Through an Open Door in the Shwenandaw Monastery in MandalayWeek 2. Who knew there were so many ways to go black and white? My hard drive is littered with rejects but when I hit on this combo of b&w with a texture overlay I finally achieved what I had in my mind. I can just imagine discovering this photo in an old box in the corner of some dusty antique store…
Shwenandaw Monastery Monk with a texture applied and 'Hard Light' Blending mode.Week 3. This light-hearted version was done in the app Waterlogue, and the blurriness of the original doesn’t matter.Shwenandaw Monk Painted in WaterlogueWeek 4. Trying to find a fourth way to deal with blurriness was a real stretch. Then I remembered that both the ‘Glow Look’ and the ‘Dream Look’ in the Photoshop Express deliberately blurred images, plus I was particularly fond of the ‘Glow Look’ when applied to anything Buddhist. (Buddhist ‘Glow’ in Myanmar.)

I wasn’t sure how it would work with my out-of-focus shot of a Burmese monk but I kind of like the effect.
Burmese monk with a 'Glow Look'Something else I’ve been experimenting with is new ways to display photos, so I decided to try the glow effect on a couple of other out-of-focus shots from the monastery interior.

Since some of the photos were vertical and others horizontal, I cropped them into squares and combined them into a triptych.
Shwenandaw with the 'Glow' Look

More on Robin G’s One Four Challenge.

8 responses to “December Week 4: One Four Challenge of a Burmese Monk

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  2. Eliza, I really enjoyed the way you adapted to this image 😃
    Its been such fun seeing you trying different things and I must say the watercolour is my hands down favourite – Id be drawn to the image wherever I saw it, wanting to know more.
    The glow really works well too. Happy New Year to you 😃🎉🎈

    • I’ve been away and haven’t been able to access wifi reliable enough for comments so I had to wait until I got home. Anyway, thanks to you and Robin, I spent a lot of fun time exploring black and white, and now have a whole different area to look into. The sepia photo is my favourite too!

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