One Four Challenge, January Week 3: Vietnamese Boats

I’ve never been one for black and white photos until this challenge, when so many of my fellow photographers have come up with stunning monochrome images in such a variety of moods.

However, colour is my first love, and this week I have indulged in it to the nth degree.

This version of my Vietnamese boats has been super-saturated, with a brilliant sky and matching reflection laid in. I actually wanted to use hot pink which looked great in the sky, but I found that the water reflection just looked strange and nothing I did improved on this.
Boats in a Village near Hoi An: Bright The next thing I wanted to do was add a painterly effect to the shot. Here Photoshop was a huge disappointment; after seeing some of the apps out there, all of Photoshop’s artistic filters look so fake, even my favourite ‘dry brush’.

So I went back and used the Waterlogue app, and because that was too sketchy, overlaid the original photo back on top. I had done this before in WPC: Photos of Blossoms into Works of Art where I have attempted to explain the process.
Hoi An Boats with a Colour Wash and Waterlogue Overlay I would have preferred this to appear more like an acrylic painting so if someone knows of an app that would do something like this I’m all ears.

More on Robyn G’s One Four Challenge January Week 3.

9 responses to “One Four Challenge, January Week 3: Vietnamese Boats

  1. I like what you are trying to achieve here although that overwhelming yellow isnt my cup of tea, but the point of this challenge is to experiment, so you certainly achieved that 🙂

  2. I love this!!! The high saturated colours are wonderful – colour is one of my passions also 😃😃
    The combination of steps gives such a lovely finish. Nice work for week 3. I would be drawn to this being displayed in any form.

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