One Word Challenge: Indigo

Since this colour swatch for indigo doesn’t at all match what I think of as indigo, I’m going to feature two sets of items: an bearded iris that (sort of) matches the colour swatch, and another set of shots from Southeast Asia, where much of the traditional clothing is dyed the inky blue-black of the indigo plant.

Indigo, the colour swatch.

indigo This iris is actually the colour of the swatch. But my camera always photographs purples off-colour, making them bluer than they are in reality.
Purple Iris with Raindrops Purple Iris with Raindrops

Indigo, the real thing.

The first time I came upon real indigo was in 2003, in Sapa, Vietnam. In my journal I wrote:

The hill tribe women of this region, including Lan our guide, wear indigo-dyed hemp dresses, black velvet leggings tied on with woven braids (Lan’s keep coming untied) and black velvet head wraps.

They grow both the indigo plant and the hemp plants locally, and it’s not uncommon to see the women spinning the thread on some sort of home-made spinning device at the same time as they’re making their way up or down the mountains.

On our first hike with Lan we went down, down, down, ending up at a beautiful waterfall. One of the hill-tribe girls, dressed in the traditional costume, was running about the waterfall getting very wet and laughing. I sure hope our photos of her turn out!

Shortly afterwards, when we were in one of the nearby villages, a completely green dog ran by. Everyone was laughing at it, and Lan told me he had fallen into one of the dye vats. 

Hilltribe girl at the waterfall in an indigo mood!
Sapa Waterfall with a Hilltribe Girl Dressed in Indigo As luck would have it I am slowly going through my photos of Inle Lake in Myanmar, where one of the villages specialized in dyeing a variety of thread in indigo.
The Inle Lake Village that Specializes in Dying Indigo
Inle Lake: Dyeing Indigo Village More of the Jennifer’s One Word Challenge: Indigo


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