Hoi An boats with a texture overlay

One Four Challenge, Week 4 January: Vietnamese Boats

When it comes to overlaying textures onto a photo, I’ve had the best results from other people’s textures.

But this week I wanted to try making up some decent textures of my own. What’s more, I wanted the texture overlay to come from the same area of the world as the underlying photo. To me, this restriction puts the texture in ‘context’. Plus it helps me from being totally overwhelmed by dozens of textures!

One thing I’ve learned from all this experimentation with textures is that they add a layer of darkness to the image. It makes a real difference if you lighten up the underlying photo before you add the texture (or storm clouds as in my week 1 version, where thanks to all your feedback I learned a lot about lightening up photos!)

The other thing I’ve noticed is that the textures work best if the lightest tones are near the centre of the texture and the darker tones are around the edges.

This Hoi An wall turned out to be the best texture for this particular photo of Hoi An boats.
13DeVtHoiAnWall0194textureW And here is a black and white version of the photo, lightened up even more, with the wall texture on top.
Hoi An boats with a texture overlay As an interesting side note I also applied this cracked marble with dragon bas-relief to the photo just to see what happened.
Hoi An: cracked marble with dragon basrelief Although it didn’t work, it did give me the idea of adding an Asian-style sky to a photo. (I later did this to photos of Descending Dragon Bay aka Halong Bay.) But not this one — adding the corresponding reflection in the water would be just too much work!
Hoi An: Boats with Dragon Bas-relief Overlay

The One Four Challenge.

Original photo.
Boats in a Village near Hoi An: Original Week 1: Lightened with stormy sky added.
Boats in a Village near Hoi An: Storm Effect Week 2: Sepia tones.
Hoi An Boats in Sepia Week 3: Vivid Knock-You-Out Colours plus Waterlogue.
Hoi An Boats with a Colour Wash and Waterlogue Overlay Week 4: Texture Overlay.
Hoi An boats with a texture overlay

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19 thoughts on “One Four Challenge, Week 4 January: Vietnamese Boats

  1. FAB job with the texture and way to go with using your own one as well!! I have been out with my camera recording images to use as textures but thats as far as I got and then lost them all in my computer upgrade.

    What software do you use? I use PS for my texture layers etc and you can blend them with diff modes and alter the opacity so you dont always get it really dark.

    1. I’ve been using Photoshop CS5 for the texture layers. Last fall I wrote a post about how to add textures to photos, mostly so I would remember what I did. I think I’m now going to revisit and rework the images after everything I learned from this month’s challenge…

      1. If you get stuck let me know, Im using CS6 but it can’t be that different for something as basic as layers.

  2. Fabulous effect with the texture overlay! I had no idea this kind of effect was possible. Just lovely. But it was a tough call to choose between this version and the sepia/cropped version. Both are really well done.

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