Using Photoshop Express to Create a Magical Tour of Inle Lake

Inle Lake region is one of the most magical places in Myanmar, and by applying the ‘Dream Look’ from the app Photoshop Express to a few of the photos I took there, I feel that I have captured the otherworldly feeling we had on our boat trip down the lake…

Wandering down to the lake’s edge past the river as people are getting ready for their day…
Inle Lake: the River that Runs Through the TownThe fishermen are out early.
Inle Lake Fishermen In a DreamI dream of growing up in houses like these.
Inle Lake: Houses on StiltsShangri-La at the end of the lake.Inle Lake: Shangri-La at the End of the LakeHilltribe women waiting at the temple at the top of the hill.
Inle Lake: Stupas and Hilltribe WomenEven our lunch of lake fish looks (and tastes) magical.
Inle Lake: Fish from the Lake for Lunch... On the way home we pass more magical stupas.Inle Lake: Magical Stupas The day ends but the magic doesn’t.
Inle Lake Magical Stupas Reflected in the WaterA cookie vendor, wondering if we might want some dessert.
Vendor on our Inle Lake Return Trip Even the buoys are replaced with channel markers that couldn’t exist anywhere else but Myanmar.
Inle Lake in Myanmar: Our Magical Mystery TourNote: Photoshop Express is a free app from Adobe with lots of fun options. This ‘Dream Look’ is one of my favourites – it heightens the colours and contrast, and reduces clarity (kind of blurs the edges).

More on our magical trip through Myanmar.

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