One Four Challenge February Week 1: The Fishermen

The original photo of these traditional fishermen on Inle Lake in Myanmar was taken shortly after sunrise.

The only thing ruining the shot was the rooster-tail wake from a speeding boat coming straight for us which I deleted.
Inle Lake Boat Trip: Fisherman OriginalLast month I spent lots of time playing around with my chosen image. This month I have decided to take it easy and just try out a bunch of different photo apps.

Here is the same photo cropped slightly and then run through the ‘Dream Look’ in the free Photoshop Express app.
Inle Lake Fishermen In a DreamI liked this ‘Dream Look’ so much that I ended up using it on some of the other photos on this boat trip to create a ‘Magical Tour of Inle Lake‘.

More on Robyn’s One Photo Four Ways Challenge.


12 responses to “One Four Challenge February Week 1: The Fishermen

  1. This definitely does have a dream look to it, very nice. I also think the “brightened” look to it advances the photo farther into the day, like the sun is shining brighter on them now. It seems a gentle day. 🙂 Nice.

  2. A great image for this months challenge. I like how the colours have more punch but haven’t been over done. The picture looks like a memory all soft around the edges with clarity fading over time.

  3. Good for you! I had a lighter month last month, not sure how this one will pan out!
    This has opened up the image a bit, and the warm, vibrant colours are great…in fact, as a result of your using this app, I have just downloaded it myself. Free, why not?

  4. The crop definately is an improvement and I agree with you that the process is lovely, on my monitor the blues are quite blue and bright but I think that is possibly a feature of the app conversion.

    I see you cleaned up the horizon a bit too 🙂 Its a really nice image, I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

  5. Hi Elizabeth, what a gentle light on this beautiful image. I like the lighter tone which opens up the shadows on the faces. Interesting shape in the nets. What are they fishing for? Chris

  6. Good to have a lighter month Eliza – Ive chosen that approach myself (i hope) for this month.
    I enjoy your images immensely. Fun to try apps too. This one certainly adds colour and warmth and a dreamy look 😃
    The deep shadows and warmth do give the feel of sunrise.

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