Euphorbia Griffith Red Bloom

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

How macro photos play with your sense of scale.

Here are a few photos of my Euphorbia Griffith’s Flame Flowers.

How big do you think this flower is? In a way the raindrop gives it some scale.
Euphorbia Griffith Red Bloom Spurge Flameflower Euphorbia Red BloomIn general Euphorbia flowers range from 1/4″ round to the size of a nickle at the most. These ones are about the size of a dime. Macro photos are always confusing and play around with one’s sense of scale!

Below is a shot of my ‘Euphorbia martinii’. It is smallish (only 40 cm high) with purple leaves with the lime/red blooms showing up in April/May.
Spurge (Euphorbia)EuphorbiaMartiniiw
Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

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