One Four Challenge February Week 2: The Fishermen

This week I put my Burmese fishermen through Waterlogue, an app that changes your photo into a watercolour ($2.99).

This particular style is called ‘Travelogue’ and while I’m not overly fond of that yellowish tinge, I love what it did with the water.
Inle Lake Boat Trip: Fisherman Apped in WaterlogueTo get rid of the yellow tinge I ran it through ‘Auto Color’ in Photoshop. I think I like this better. Maybe. Hmmm.Inle Lake Fisherman Auto Color in Photoshop More on Robyn’s One Photo Four Ways Challenge.


23 responses to “One Four Challenge February Week 2: The Fishermen

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  2. I saw your image last week and thought…oh I hope there is a painterly effect one of these weeks! Yay, it’s here. I like both versions although the first feels like there is more to it, for some reason than the second. I love the colors of the water, like you said. Really so lovely.

  3. Eliza, Ive been passing by in Reader as Ive been making my way through and this image has my attention 😃 I want to keep looking at it.
    I think I prefer the warmer aged edition and it does make think of a postcard and the old style asian art. Fabulous!!
    How did you go with some of your other images?

    • About the other photos, it’s a long story and I’ll probably write a post about it when I finish putting Waterlogue through its paces. The short story is that Waterlogue doesn’t work for most images and I lucked out when the first style I tried was ‘Travelogue’ on this particular photo…

  4. I love your image and I LOVE Waterlogue! (I admit to being addicted.) I like the warmer tone since it feels like reflected light of late afternoon. Nice!

  5. What an awesome effect! Good choice. Hard to decide between the two temps you shared. That would have drove me nuts, I’d be clicking back and forth back and forth. 😉 I almost think I like the first one better, before you did the auto color. It seems to have a bit more depth and emotion for me. I think that is because the yellowish tint it has makes it feel like evening, a bit more romanticized. 🙂

      • Somewhere in the last month I think I spent the whole night going back and forth from my computer, back and forth doing other things then popping in to see if I felt any differently. All of this in hopes the decision would make itself…nope. 😉

  6. I really like this watercolour process, and interestingly I like the yellow toned one – my grandparents travelled a lot in Asia when I was a child – 30+ years ago and the art they bought back I see in this style of image a lot – with the yellow tone from being a bit faded up on the wall in the sun maybe?

    • When I first applied Auto Color I thought it was a huge improvement. But when I went back the next day I wasn’t so sure. I’m still not sure which version I like best, but you probably hit the nail on the head when you mentioned that it was like watercolours out of Asia 30 years ago. Burma is still in that time warp, and these fishermen are from another era…

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