Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

For me, the problem with the ‘Rule of Thirds’ is that you have to take the photo with that in mind.

At times I have thought about playing with the rule of thirds but so far not a single photo of mine (out of thousands) qualifies. Hence, I have had to dig through my husband’s photos to find some to crop using the ‘Rule of Thirds’, as he seems to be a little more rule abiding than I am….

Lone boat basking in Bagan’s golden sunset. My feeling here is that perhaps it would be better if the boat were facing the other direction…
 Boat in Bagan's Golden Sunset A girl climbing the stupas in Bagan. She’s actually up fairly high and I have no idea how she got up there, and this crop doesn’t really show that. I’m not sure exactly what crop would show that off, more on the bottom, maybe?13MMBaganThatbyinnyuPhayaF7769wcrop I think this photo actually needs more water in front of them to qualify.
13NoMMUBeinBridgeWaterBoatF7511cropw This was an interesting exercise. I’m not entirely comfortable with any of these crops and yet I really admire other people’s photos where they pull it off. I think maybe it’s time to go out and actually do a photo shoot with the ‘Rule of Thirds’ in mind.

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