Rule of Thirds, Take 2

Just went out and did a photo shoot with the ‘Rule of Thirds’ in mind.

Even though I have thousands of photos none of them really qualified for the Daily Post’s ‘rule of thirds’ Weekly Photo Challenge. So it was off to Chinatown for today’s Chinese New Year Parade. But the only place I really succeeded in getting any half decent shots was within the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens and even then it was tricky…

Dragon on a lamp standard…
Vancouver's Chinatown: Dragon on a Lamppost Pyracantha bonsai…
15FeChineseNewYearPyracantha_1476w13 Yellow flowers on a tree…
15FeChineseNewYearYellowflowertree_1509w Roof line of a small temple…
15FeChineseNewYearTemple_1481w Flowering quince bonsai…
Chinese New Year at Sun Yat Sen Garden: Flowering Quince Bonsai in Bloom Yellow forsythia in bloom; not crazy about my framing but it was the only image where I managed to get that elusive ‘bokeh’ in the background.
Chinese New Year at Sun Yat Sen Garden: Yellow Forsythia in BloomI should note that I went out the day before with my little Point and Shoot with the idea of trying this and was spectacularly unsuccessful. There was very little to shoot in the first place and when I found something, the camera wouldn’t focus on the desired item unless I put the item in the middle of the frame. And then as I moved the camera to frame it for the ‘Rule of Thirds’ the focus would change.

For the Chinatown photos I borrowed a better camera and also used my iPad mini. Most of the shots that worked were taken with the iPad mini, which focuses by tapping on the item you want in focus. The only shot that worked with the big camera was the last one with the bokeh – the iPad can’t seem to produce this – if it can let me know how!

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