One Four Challenge February Week 4: The Fishermen

This week I subjected my fishermen to some more explorations with monochrome & texture overlays.

I tried several variations of signs with Burmese script as texture overlays. Most of them were terrible. This sign worked okay but it occurred to me that I had no idea what it said and so it was probably wildly inappropriate. 
Mandalay Kuthodaw Pagoda Sign Inle Lake Boat Trip Fishermen Texture OverlayMandalay’s Royal Palace Museum yielded this wooden panel fragment carved with Buddhist text. Again I have no idea what it says, and it didn’t work that well as an overlay…
Mandalay Royal Palace Museum Carved Wood with Buddhist Text Inle Lake Boat Trip Fishermen Texture OverlayFinally I tried the texture overlay that I used for December’s One Four Challenge and this worked really well. I tried scanning some pages from old books to use but none of them worked as well as this one.
Inle Lake Boat Trip Fishermen Texture Overlay And now for the rest…

Original.Inle Lake Boat Trip: Fisherman Original
Week 1. Photoshop Express Dream Look.
Inle Lake Fishermen In a Dream
Week 2. Waterlogue in Travelogue Style.
Inle Lake Boat Trip: Fisherman Apped in Waterlogue
Week 3. Pixlromatic featuring the ‘Bob’ filter.
Inle Lake Fishermen Processed in Pixlromatic by Autodesk
Week 4. Texture Overlay in Photoshop.
Inle Lake Boat Trip Fishermen Texture Overlay

More of Robyn’s One Photo Four Ways Challenge for February Week 4

18 responses to “One Four Challenge February Week 4: The Fishermen

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  2. The texture overlay is a fantastic idea, creates a great dramatic effect, though I must say I like the scripture best of the textures. Too bad you don’t know what it says, smart not to use it anyways, though I guess in a way you did. 😉 That said this week’s edit/overlay choice is still dramatic. It reminds me of something you’d see in a movie, or picture from a story, rather it’s the intro to a movie or show as if the picture is about to go up in flames. That causes you to wonder, hmmm what’s that all about.

    That said I think Week 3 is my favorite edit for this week. I like it because out of all of them it is the MOST dramatic. It has a spooky feel to it what with the darker, cooler colors. For me it also has more depth and makes me think of a flash back in which the character cannot see the faces of the men. Well done!

    Nice creativity and experimentation this month. Being only my 2nd month in this challenge I’ve found it delightfully difficult at times to know what to do. You’ve done this well. 😀

    • It’s always a stretch to come up with four different ways to edit one photo. My plan this month was to take it easy and play around with some apps. But then two of them didn’t really work with this image, forcing me to scramble (and do a lot of work) for the Week 4. But that’s the fun of it – not everything has to turn out – sometimes you just get a glimmer of an idea that can go forward into the next month’s attempts…

      • Great point about the idea working its way into future weeks. Sometimes it feels like a cheat to just play it safe, but then it feels so good to have it done. It’s an interesting stretch for sure. I’ll look at a photo and think oh that’ll be good for the One Four, then you find out it’s never so straight forward. 😉

  3. These have all been great images, all unique. Of course I like your SECOND overlay, the script is amazing shapes 🙂 Works well as a texture.

    • I think I might work a bit using that wooden panel with Buddhist script as an overlay on several different photos from Burma. But I’ll have to wait until we have that ‘catch-up’ month of April before I get enough time to really play around with it!

      • Yes I know the feeling, I have just realised I will have to come up with a new image for the March One Four challenge!!!

  4. What a fantastic week of experimenting and exploration. Had to laugh about the sign – I know what you mean about not knowing.
    In the end I think the book overlay worked wonderfully, creating texture and light leaks and its the one that draws me in the most, for the month. Great work and fun Eliza! 😃

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