One Four Challenge March Week 2 : Frozen Sunset

Last week in Pixlromatic I went for FIRE; this week I tried out Stackables, a similar type of app to Pixlromatic, and went for ICE.

Stage 1:

Stackables allows you to add layers and layers of textures. All of the layers are adjustable, some by opacity, others by scale or other relevant adjustments. This makes the program capable of a lot of subtlety but I’m not sure I’m really crazy about the results.

To make this first image really COLD’ I just went for blue, blue, blue: layer 1 was ‘Aquarium’, layer 2  ‘Steelclaw’, layer 3 ‘Azurro’, layer 4 ‘Atlantis’ and lastly layer 5 with ‘Violet Green’, as can be seen in this screen shot. Overall I feel it is way too blue but I was having trouble trying to figure out what the results would look like – it’s not as predictable as Pixlromatic.
Screen Shot of Frozen Sunset in Stackables For my alternative image I chose the layers entirely by the ‘chill’ in their names. So layer 1 was ‘Winter Frost’, layer 2  ‘Glacial Ice’, layer 3 ‘Black Ice’, layer 4 ‘Arctic Dawn’ and lastly layer 5 with ‘Polar Sunrise’.
Frozen Sunset in StackablesAgain I’m not crazy about the results, and this particular result isn’t all that frosty so I’ll have to try again.

Stage 2:

I spent a lot of hours trying out Stackables on all sorts of photos. While there are a lot of interesting and subtly different layer effects to play with I was finding that all the pictures ended up looking sort of the same. I could always tell when a photo had been ‘Stackabilized’.

On the plus side, even when the photos were zoomed in on, the detail stayed very fine grain, with no jpeg artifacts and other junk pixels that show up in Pixlromatic.

Stage 3:

Back to trying with this month’s One Four photos and although I don’t really feel like I have any control over the final results with this program, I’ve obviously picked up a few tricks with all my experimenting…
Frozen Sunset in Stackables: IceMore on Robyn G’s One Photo Four Ways Challenge.



11 responses to “One Four Challenge March Week 2 : Frozen Sunset

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  2. I enjoy seeing your experiments with apps Eliza. Such a textural feel with these. They remind of greeting cards that used to be very similar and I think these images both work in their own right 🙂

  3. They are both really nice, the blues are sitting more soundly with me but I like the browns in the sky too, there is a real unique look to those that I really like too. Great edits 🙂

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