Frozen Sunset in Pixlromatic

March Week 3 One Four Challenge: Mixing It Up With Pixlromatic, Stackables & Waterlogue

This week I am still playing around with Pixlromatic and Stackables, two very similar photo apps. Plus I added Waterlogue into the mix!

Fire & Ice with Pixlromatic and Stackables

Pixlromatic is straight forward; there are lots of different ‘looks’ but they are not adjustable, and you only get three options: the Look, the Overlay and the Frame. What you get is what you get, and if you really like something it is pretty easy to go back and figure out just exactly what you did.

On the other hand, with Stackables I had to spend ages trying out different things until I got what I wanted and then go over the various layers and write them down before I forgot. (Once you save the image the layer list is lost forever unless you do a screen grab, or save the look as a formula).

In the first week of this month’s Challenge I went for ‘FIRE’ with Pixlromatic; in the second week I ‘froze’ my images in Stackables.

For this third week I thought I’d mix it up and go for FIRE in Stackables and ICE in Pixlromatic.

Pixelromatic did FIRE in Week 1; this week Stackables does FIRE.
Frozen Sunset in Stackables: Hot There is a pre-fab formula called Sienna that results in a nice warm look. In comparison, I feel that everything I did was too heavy handed.
Frozen Sunset in Stackables: Sienna Stackables did ICE in Week 2; this week Pixlromatic does ICE.
Frozen Sunset in Pixlromatic

Mixing It Up Stackables and Waterlogue

Waterlogue is an app that turns photos into watercolours. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. My ‘Frozen Sunset’ was one of those images that didn’t work that well in Waterlogue. But then I wondered what would happen if I added some of the brush stroke layers of Stackables onto a Waterlogued watercolour, and here is the result…
Frozen Sunset in Waterlogue (Travelogue) and then Stackables: Okay, it seems I have turned this One Four Challenge into a Two Six Challenge. But playing around with apps is just so addictive I can’t seem to stop myself! Oh dear….

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14 thoughts on “March Week 3 One Four Challenge: Mixing It Up With Pixlromatic, Stackables & Waterlogue

  1. Im not sure which ones are this weeks and last weeks from the post but I really like the Fire one 🙂

  2. Interesting effects and good to see a series in different tones. My favourite is Sienna… I like the glow. I find this week’s too cold… But it’s obviously in sync with how you felt when you took the photo!

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