Frozen Sky with 'Matter' Geometric Grid

One Four Challenge March Week 4 : Frozen Sunset

Yup, this week I’m playing around with yet another photo app, in this case Matter, which adds strange geometric constructions to images.

My frozen sunset no. 1 with a polyhedral object added to it.
Frozen Sky with 'Matter' Geometric Grid I added a smaller object to frozen sunset no. 2 and in this case ran them through Pixlromatic to up the unreal quality.
Frozen Sunset 2 in Matter

And now for the weekly wrap-up.

Frozen Sunset Week 1. Pixlromatic does FIRE.
Frozen Sunset does fire in Pixlromatic Week 2. Stackables does ICE.
Frozen Sunset in Stackables: Ice Week 3. Pixlromatic does ICE.Frozen Sunset in Pixlromatic Week 4. Matter does its thing.
Frozen Sky with 'Matter' Geometric Grid

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18 thoughts on “One Four Challenge March Week 4 : Frozen Sunset

  1. I have really enjoyed the evolution of the image with the different apps. For me I love week one with the fire. It is the warm tones that give the feeling of a sunset. Great series of images.

    1. With this image I really wanted to come up with edits that captured both the fire of the sunset and the cold of being on a frozen lake at night. I think pixlromatic did the best job – I really like the way both the ‘fire’ and ‘ice’ turned out. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I couldnt wait to read about this one Eliza. I love the interest this structure has added to the image. Its unusual and fantastic! I had to vote for it 😃😃

    1. For me your challenge is all about making new discoveries and ‘Matter’ certainly sends the image off in an entirely new direction. I have no idea what use I’ll end up putting this app to, but I’m having a lot of fun trying it out…

      1. This was a great discovery and you know its there.. if ever.. 😃
        Experimenting and creating (in whatever medium) is always such fun!!

  3. Well! A most curious effect, almost like some strange architectural thing plonked in front of the scene! But I’m going to go for the Fire effect, too…

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