Matter, a Sci-Fi Photo App

For this review month I thought I’d carry on experimenting with apps and texture overlays, only this time taking one app or texture and applying it to a bunch of different photos…

When you last saw me I was playing with Matter, an app by Pixite that adds strange geometric structures to images. Most of the examples on Matter’s website show these bizarre structures coming out of the water or erupting from the land, often with living creatures (humans, cats, dinosaurs) strategically placed to heighten the air of unreality.

In general my photos are the wrong type for this sort of use. But at the time I bought the app I just happened to have a bunch of photos from Spain on my iPad and turned my trip to Spain into a trip to another dimension.

May I present Spain, as it’s never been seen before…

Did aliens land on earth in the time of dinosaurs? We had just gone there to see dinosaur footprints, really hadn’t expected this! 
Travelling Back in Time to When Dinosaurs Roamed This friendly little monastery cat was quite intrigued with one of the Matter cat toys I happened to have with me…
Little Black Cat and Shadow It’s hard to play Jai Alai when the game court erupts with giant crystalline obstacles.
The Spanish Game of Jai Alai This guy was so busy taking a selfie he didn’t even notice the Matter ring that was hovering over him. He’s going to be surprised when he gets a real look at his photos!
A Strange Matter Ring Hovers Over the Picos de EuropaMore on Robyn G’s One Four Challenge (or in my case Four One Challenge).


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