One Word Challenge: Copper

To combine copper and the new spring season I thought I’d make a bird’s nest out of copper wire…

Step one.  Twist a thick copper wire into a swirl and pull out to make it slightly 3D like a bird’s nest.
making a copper nest out of wireStep two. Make another swirl out of a thinner copper wire and attach it by wrapping the end of the thinner wire around the thicker wire.
making a copper nest out of wireStep 3. Add a second thin wire along with several more wrappings until the two ‘nests’ are held together.
making a copper nest out of wireStep 4. String the ‘eggs’ onto the end of the second thin wire, and finish the nest by tightly wrapping the wire in a way that it doesn’t catch on clothing. Both turquoise beads and white pearls are classic stones to use for the eggs, although anything goes.
making a copper nest out of wire I started to make a necklace out of my copper bird’s nest but had to stop before I was finished because I ran out of supplies. Not to mention the blisters on my fingers – I had forgotten about the need to build up calluses in order to do wire work. I suspect the final necklace will look somewhat different than this…copper bird's nest necklace Some exciting interpretations of ‘Copper’ at Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Copper.

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