Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat with Dragons Above & Below

In January’s One Four Challenge I played around with adding skies (and their reflections) to a shot of some Vietnamese boats.

In one attempt I overlaid this cracked marble stone with a carved dragon bas-relief on top of the photo of the boats just to see what happened.
Hoi An: cracked marble with dragon basreliefAlthough it didn’t work, it did give me the idea of adding an Asian-style sky to a photo. But not to this shot — adding the corresponding reflection in the water would be just too much work! (The original January ‘One Photo Four Ways Challenge’ Post.)
Hoi An: Boats with Dragon Bas-relief Overlay What I ultimately decided to overlay was this painted dragon ceiling from a Hue tomb. (The Royal Tomb of Khai Dinh in my Travel Blog.)
Dragon Ceiling in a Hue Tomb

Dragon Sky

I laid it over a variety of images from Vietnam’s Halong Bay. ‘Halong’ means ‘Descending Dragon’ so it seemed appropriate to have a dragon sky.
Halong Bay Village with Boats and a Dragon Sky

Dragon Water

For the most part the dragon sky was way too busy so I ended up ‘descending’ the dragons to beneath the blue-green waters. I like the way it worked with unsuspecting tourists in a coracle floating above the monsters below.Halong Bay Overhanging Rock with Dragons Inhabiting the Water

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