April Review Week 3: Explorations with Waterlogue

February was an easy month for me in Robyn’s One Four Challenge; all I did was run my image of Burmese fishermen through a variety of apps to see what happened.

The first week I ran my image through Photoshop Express’s Dream Look. This turned out so well I immediately ran a whole bunch of photos from that same boat trip through the Dream Look and ended up posting it as: Using Photoshop Express to Create a Magical Tour of Inle Lake.

Week 2 I put my fishermen through Waterlogue and again it was just too easy. I actually wrote, ‘It was a nice quick edit. Except for the fact that I’m now running a whole bunch of photos from that boat trip through the app to see what happens.
Inle Lake Boat Trip: Fisherman Apped in Waterlogue Then Robyn G asked me, ‘How did you go with some of your other images?

And I had to write back, ‘About the other photos, it’s a long story and I’ll probably write a post about it when I finish putting Waterlogue through its paces. The short story is that Waterlogue doesn’t work for most images and I lucked out when the first style I tried was ‘Travelogue’ on this particular photo…

So as part of my April review, I have worked on getting some better examples of Waterlogue.

My default style in Waterlogue is ‘Natural’. But running my Inle Lake images through ‘Natural’ was quite disappointing. The only shot that really turned out with ‘Natural’ was this image of a boat. But even here the water didn’t have the look that I liked so much in my ‘Fishermen’.

Boat on Inle Lake, Myanmar

Then I realized that I had run my Burmese fishermen photo through ‘Travelogue’, a look I no longer favoured because of its yellowy tone. I ran the above photo through ‘Travelogue’ and I was way happier with the result. And, as several people pointed out, the yellow tones add a feel of old watercolours from Asia in years past, very appropriate for the Myanmar time warp.Inle Lake Boat in Travelogue WaterlogueEven my photo of a village elder almost worked in  ‘Travelogue’ .
Tribal Man from Inle Lake, Myanmar

A Few More Styles in Waterlogue.

‘It’s Technical’ is another style I really like EXCEPT for the faint grid underneath the image. And unlike the yellowy tone of Travelogue this can’t be edited out by clicking on ‘Auto Color’ in Photoshop. This waterlily was given to me by Mr. Win, our guide on that magical boat ride down Inle Lake.
Waterlily‘Rainy’ is wet-on-wet watercolour with a few strokes of ink to define the image, in this case one of lake villages on stilts.
Houses on Inle Lake, Myanmar I also like ‘Bold’ but it didn’t suit any of the Myanmar photos so I made a quick trip to Bangkok (or at least to my Bangkok photos) to show off this style. ‘Bold’ adds in extra colours and I rather like what those extra colours did to this overly ‘green’ arrangement of plant leaves in a Bangkok art gallery.
Leafy Flower Arrangement in Bangkok's BACCIf ‘Bold’ adds in too many colours then I find that ‘Colour Bloom’ is often a good alternative. These bright flowers were part of an offering in a Bangkok temple and certainly didn’t need even the smallest amount of extra colour.
Bangkok Blooms Painted in Waterlogue‘Fashionable’ is a style I rarely use but it works quite well with Bangkok’s Lumpini Park hearts & flowers topiary (although some of the other styles work better).
Bangkok's Lumpini Park Heart Shrubs Using Fashionable Style in WaterlogueMore on Robyn G’s One Four Challenge (or in this case Eight One Challenge).


7 responses to “April Review Week 3: Explorations with Waterlogue

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  2. Such a great read Eliza! Im glad you worked out it was Travelogue you used for the fishermen. The yellow tones do suit the image.
    I love Bold! It has such an honest wet in wet watercolour feel. Worked so well with your 2 images.
    Ive so enjoyed your experiments with apps!

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