Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: the Texture of Spring

Trying to capture the texture of spring…

Albatz Travel Adventures

This is an experiment in trying to capture the ‘texture’ of spring in a different way than my usual macros of flowers. These images didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, so I tried ‘photo apping’ them to make them more interesting.

A mass of purple heather.the Texture of Spring: a Mass of Purple HeatherAn abundance of pink cherry blossomsthe Texture of Spring: Cherry BlossomsSunlit branches with tiny green leaves. I am intrigued by the positive/negative effect that happens in the background/foreground interaction.the Texture of Spring: New Leaves with an Old Pier BehindSunlit branches picking up colour from the newly emerging leaves.the Texture of Spring: Sunlit BranchesBrilliant spring green leaves.the Texture of Spring: Spring Green LeavesWillow tree in the spring light.the texture of spring: willow tree in the lightMany of smaller willow species (salix) are known as pussy willows as they initially produce fuzzy male catkins that then burst into exuberant flowers like this one. This is more typical of what I usually shoot in the early spring, but as I go about the city I see that I have already photographed most spring flowers to death.the Texture of Spring: Pussy Willow As noted…

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