One Four Challenge May Week 1: The Texture of Spring

Last year, when I was on a walk with a friend, she asked me, “Why are you taking pictures of biomass?”

To tell you the truth, even I had no idea of what I was thinking when I was taking the photos, only a vague notion that ran away every time I tried to grab hold of it.
the Texture of Spring: Spring Green LeavesWhen Cee came out with ‘Texture’ as her one of her Fun Foto Challenges last year I posted a few of my ‘biomass’ shots with the explanation: ‘This is an experiment in trying to capture the ‘texture’ of spring…’ (Cees Fun Foto Challenge: The Texture of Spring.)

This year I’ve been out again trying to capture more spring ‘biomass’, and for this month’s One Four Challenge I’m going to see if I can  I might be able to combine one of this year’s shots with last year’s (and maybe figure out what I was thinking…)
The Texture of Spring Green LeavesOne of the reasons I purchased the photo app ‘Matter’ was because I thought I might want to do something geometric with the images. Below ‘Matter’ has transformed my original spring leaf texture into a a geometric image, not at all what I had in mind, but at least better than my original.

'Spring Texture' manipulated in the Matter photo appMore of Robyn G’s One (Photo) Four (Ways) Challenge.


11 responses to “One Four Challenge May Week 1: The Texture of Spring

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  2. Again I have to say, Im enjoying these experiments Eliza and the journey of discovery you are on. I find myself photographing textures whenever I can too.
    Watching with interest! 😃

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