Purple Smoke Tree done Monet-style in PsykoPaint

One Four Challenge June Week 4: Purple Smoke Tree

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard much from me in the last few weeks it’s because I’ve been in France busy stuffing my face with cheese and not keeping up with Wordpress at all.

Of course I did other things than just munch on cheese; I also went to Giverny, and admired Claude Monet’s paintings and garden. His garden had purple smoke trees too, and after seeing his paintings I was inspired to try an Impressionist painting myself.

I googled ‘photo app to paint like Monet’ and Psykopaint came up. It’s not the easiest program to use, and my first four or five attempts have been tossed. This screen shot shows that I have selected the ‘Monet’ brush and the pinky tone. Psykopaint Screen ShotI can’t find a single painting of a purple smoke tree by Monet, and my attempts kind of show that maybe there was a reason for that, or maybe it’s because I’m not Monet… Purple Smoke Tree done Monet-style in PsykoPaint Now for the monthly review…

Week 1: ‘Dream Look’ in Photoshop Express

purple smoke tree dreamy

Week 2: Watercolour by Waterlogue

Purple smoke tree 'watercolour'

Week 3: Hand-tinted look

Hand-tinted Look for the Purple Smoke Tree: the layers combined

Week 4: Impressionist ‘painting’

One quirk of Psykopaint is that the ‘painting’ always has to be cropped to ‘landscape’, and consequently this image doesn’t have the same square crop as the rest. Purple Smoke Tree done Monet-style in PsykoPaint

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10 thoughts on “One Four Challenge June Week 4: Purple Smoke Tree

  1. Oh I hope you had the best time eating cheese. So wonderful to be able to visit Monet’s garden – one of my faves of the Impressionists. I’ve seen one huge Waterlilies painting of his here at the National Gallery. To see a Monet up close is an eye opening experience!
    LOVE what you have done this week. It is my fave of the month and I love that you find apps to create with – that’s creative in itself.
    Another enjoyable month Eliza!

  2. I think you did a marvelous job with capturing an impressionistic look with this week’s edit. I had a tough time choosing between Week 1 & 2. In the end, I went with Week 1. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photo with us this month. Cheese is a good thing to be stuffing your face with 🙂

  3. D’you know, I rather like this latest one! Well done for persevering with the Psycho app, whatever it is…Definitely a touch of the impressionistic 🙂

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