One Word Challenge: Hurricane

Hurricane done in the the photo app Pyskopaint using primarily the ‘watercolour’ settings to prime the ‘canvas’ and the ‘Van Gogh’ brush swirling about on top…

Hurricane done in Pyskopaint Hurricane done in Pyskopaint In my third version the colours were too pretty and needed something to make them more storm-like…
Hurricane done in Pyskopaint…so I added an image of razor wire on top to darken the mood.
A hurricane done in the photo app Pyskopaint as view through razor wire This one is titled ‘The Eye of the Hurricane‘.'Eye of the Storm', a Hurricane done in the photo app Pyskopaint More interpretations of ‘Hurricane’ at Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Hurricane.


3 responses to “One Word Challenge: Hurricane

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  2. These are so lovely. I especially enjoy the last one. I considered doing something vaguely similar with an app, but was terribly unsuccessful. So impressed by what you were able to make. Thank you for sharing.

    • The last one was inspired by yours, you had some wire swirly things to indicate the ‘tempest’ within and it made me go through my ‘wire’ photos as the third image needed something more. The app takes a while to get a handle on – I work on it in the morning with my first coffee.

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