One Four Challenge July Week 1: Étretat on the Alabaster Coast

I have just spent some time immersed in France and Monet, so I have chosen one of his favourite seaside resorts for this month’s One Four Challenge.

This month’s photo showing the chalky rock formations of France’s Alabaster Coast.
Unusual Rock Formations at Entretat on the Alabaster Coast of France On the town boardwalk there is an example of one of Monet’s paintings of these chalk cliffs. I think he must have been standing partway up the equally scenic hill on the other side to get his bird’s eye angle.
Unusual Rock Formations at Entretat on the Alabaster Coast of France Monet’s painting of this rock formation and the village beach. Here he was playing with the split complementary tones of orange, purple-blue and blue-green.Etretat Rock Formations at Dawn; Painting by Monet
Since this is Monet we’re talking about I have again used the photo app Psykopaint with the ‘Monet’ paintbrush, and it worked better on this image than it did with my purple smoke tree. However, Monet’s colours are much more adventurous, and next week I’ll see if I can add some of his panache to mine…
Etretat using the Monet paintbrush in Psykopaint More on Robyn G’s One Four Challenge.


19 responses to “One Four Challenge July Week 1: Étretat on the Alabaster Coast

  1. What a beautiful spot! I have never seen it before, incredible white cliffs and what a challenge to replicate. I am looking forward to seeing your progression for many reasons. Enjoy!!

  2. I love the painterly effect you’re going for with this. Who doesn’t love a Monet? Don’t forget – most of those impressionists relied on the “mixing” of those side by side hues to create muted colors (except for that vibrant red!)

  3. Wonderful rocks and great photos of them. I saw the Great Masters exhibition in Melbourne a few years ago and they had a Monet and you could see ALL the brush strokes, it was amazing

  4. I love the impressionist vibe you are taking this month. This first edit looks amazing. I can’t wait to see what you do with the colors next week!!

  5. Oh Eliza – What a choice for your July image. I am going to relish seeing this beautiful site each week. I spent many weekends as a kid at Etretat, walking along the cliffs on either side of the bay, fishing at low tide for crabs and shells… We used to live about 25kms from there. I have returned as an adult a couple of times and it still has a special place and meaning in my heart.

  6. This is such an interesting subject for the month.. and exciting!
    I like this first step into Monet territory.. Isnt the Monet itself gorgeous? Beautiful use of light and colour.
    Very much looking forward to seeing what you do with the image this month 😃

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