One Four Challenge July Week 2: Étretat on the Alabaster Coast

In attempting to duplicate the luminous colours of Monet’s Étretat I have realized both his genius and the impossibility of my repeating it…

Etretat Rock Formations at Dawn; Painting by Monet I may post a few of my less unsuccessful attempts in the future, but in the meantime here’s my easy out – Waterlogue…Etretat in Waterlogue Travelog Style More of Robyn G’s One Four Challenge – July Week 2.


14 responses to “One Four Challenge July Week 2: Étretat on the Alabaster Coast

  1. Am enjoying this month again Eliza and the commentary is also very interesting.
    I think this watercolour week works well and am interested to know that it’s part of the land mass of the white cliffs of Dover.
    I so agree with how ingenious the impressionists were. I remember doing a Matisse (oil pastel) study once and I was blown away by the detail and the range of colours.
    Keep doing it – looking forward to seeing what is next 🙂

    • The white cliffs of the ‘Alabaster Coast’ (Côte d’Albâtre) of France are quite stunning (and incidentally are part of the same geological system as the ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ across the Channel in England).

    • In one of my previous One Four Challenges I did a huge amount of playing around with the Waterlogue app, and discovered that the Travelogue ‘style’ held the details better than the other styles. It also added a yellow tone which I have kept here as I loved the aqua colour of the water.

  2. As you know I am very partial to Etretat, but I think you are doing this beautiful place justice in your edit, Eliza 🙂 The strata in the cliffs is highlighted and the water tone is lovely, although I remember it as a very deep (and very chilly) ultramarine.

    • In my experience the ocean is one of those things that is constantly changing, and my edit represents a mere moment in time (June 8, 2015, 11:15). At the time the thing that struck me most was the incredible aqua tones in the water but I would love to see Étretat over time in all of its moods.

    • Actually I just realized that the water was actually somewhat ‘bluer’ than this version which has had a yellow tone added to it by the ‘Travelogue’ style I used in Waterlogue.

      However it appears that this particular version has coloured my perception of Etretat as the first thing I now remember is coming over the hill and seeing the beautiful aqua colour of the water!

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