Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Turquoise from the American Southwest

According to Native American tradition, turquoise was the stone that had fallen from the sky.

Most of the turquoise mined in those times was in what is now the American Southwest. I use past tense as there is very little natural turquoise left anywhere in the States.

When I was down there most of the turquoise I found was reconstituted; ground-up stone mixed with resins, and often dyed. Still I found these semi-turquoise beads charming in their own way.
Reconstituted turquoise, and fish However, when I decided to make up a piece of jewelry to represent this trip, I went for real turquoise from China, and added a Zuni Indian bear (Guardian of the Earth) made from sodalite along with sterling silver as there were also lots of silver mines in the region.
Turquoise & Silver Necklace with Blue Lapis Zuni Bear A close up of the dangle show the turquoise and brown shell heishi (tubes) bought in the States, round beads and Zuni bear made of sodalite, mother of pearl birds with sterling silver beads and wire.Necklace with Sodalite Zuni Bear With Turquoise and Sterling SilverAn interesting article on turquoise: Turquoise, Water, Sky: The Stone and Its Meaning

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6 responses to “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Turquoise from the American Southwest

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