One Word Photo Challenge: Hail

Creating an image of hail was quite the tricky challenge!

I’ve brought back my ‘Snowy Black Mountains’ and this time added a scratched overlay. Unfortunately it looks more like sleet than hail so I searched for an image with irregular round dots on it…
Sleet in black mountain country…and found an elephant’s ear to overlay. It doesn’t really look like hail but I have included it because I love the pretty colours.
Trying to make hail out of an elephant's ear My final version with white dots of different sizes, some of them motion blurred and combined with the scratchy sleet-like overlay. It still looks more like it’s snowing rather than hailing, but as noted before this particular challenge was hard!
Hail in black mountain country One final attempt, an abstract scooped off a wall in La Conner, Washington. I made two copies of it, using motion blur on one to create the streaks, and then tried out various blending modes and opacities until it was as close as I could get to what I was envisioning.La Conner Abstract: Hail More of Jennifer Nichole-Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge: Hail


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