One Word Challenge: Avalanche

For some reason this crumbling adobe wall in tropical Puerto Vallarta reminded me of a snowy mountain.

Crumbling Adobe Wall Texture in Puerto Vallarta I added some real snow-covered trees to a layer and motion blurred some white streaks on another to hopefully create an avalanche, although it looks more like a blizzard, damn…
Puerto Vallarta Wall Texture: Avalanche Then I thought I’d see what I could do with an actual avalanche chute in the BC Mountains.An avalanche chute in the BC Mountains This is some of the avalanche debris partially blocking the road near Banff, Alberta. I tried to add this to the bottom of the image but it didn’t work.
Avalanche Debris near Banff, Alberta My final ‘Avalanche’, cropped, flipped, layered, blurred, fogged and heaven knows what else!
BC Mountain Avalanche More of Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Challenge: Avalanche

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