Purple Smoke Tree Painting

One Four Challenge August Week 4: My Purple Smoke Tree

I thought this month would be a good time to get my image of my Purple Smoke tree off the computer and onto an easel.

The original put through Photoshop Express.
purple smoke tree dreamyThe computer-painted version done in Psykopaint.
Purple Smoke Tree done Monet-style in PsykoPaintMy first step was to try and capture the purple smoke flowers as a high contrast black and white image.

On the tree itself they were pinky-purple against purply-red and didn’t show up, so I picked a few flowers and scanned them.

My first attempts squished the poor flowers so this one was placed on the scanner with a white piece of paper laid gently on top. It’s a tad squished but much better than some of my earlier scanning results.
purple smoke flower scanned for painting Step 2 was to rough in the image in colour acrylics, and then transfer my black and white laser print images to the painting. I also started adding the leaves and sky.
purple smoke tree paintingI haven’t quite finished it yet but I’m running out of time. Here it is in the backyard with the smoke tree just behind; the painting seems to attract tiny flies that get stuck to the wet paint…
Purple Smoke Tree PaintingIt still needs work but here it is so far…
Purple Smoke Tree Painting More of Robyn G’s One Four Challenge: August Review


3 thoughts on “One Four Challenge August Week 4: My Purple Smoke Tree

    1. A friend and I were discussing how relatively easy it is to do artwork on the computer and wondering whether we’d ever be doing an actual painting ever again. It is a lot harder for sure, and it also takes a lot longer. But the thing I miss the most is the undo button!

      1. Ha ha, yes the undo button. We paint over it 😜
        I love the tactile part of really painting. I just love that you took the image to another medium.

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