Travel Theme: Geometric Angles & Posters

I first noticed designs featuring geometric angles in 2011 in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur Poster with Angles This Belgian geometric poster for the Triennale Brugge in 2015 reminds me a lot of the Malaysian poster, although I think the angles were provided by a reflective geometric structure in front of an older building.
Belgian geometric poster for the Triennale Brugge 2015 Here’s some more: a 2015 Amsterdam Music Festival poster.
Amsterdam Music Festival Poster A 2012 calendar  in Belgium.Belgian Brochure Design with AnglesYet another Belgian poster. This one I attempted to recreate, sort of, with clouds within and behind a geometric structure.
Belgian Poster Design with AnglesOf course, once something becomes popular someone goes and creates an app for that! I have been playing with two apps, both from Pixite, one called Matter and the other Fragment. This is some clouds as we were flying out of Puerto Vallarta run through Matter.
Puerto Vallarta Clouds Gone Geometric in the Photo App Matter

Some early experiments with Matter

One Four Challenge: Frozen Sunset Extra
Frozen Sunset Pana with MatterOne Four Challenge: Sci-Fi Spain
A Strange Matter Ring Hovers Over the Picos de EuropaOne Four Challenge: The Texture of Spring
'Spring Texture' manipulated in the Matter photo app More of Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Angles


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