One Word Photo Challenge: Smog

Godzilla versus the Smog Monster was one of my favourite Japanese movies, made way back in 1971, when smog was a growing concern in all the industrialized countries.

Now the western world has more or less cleaned up its act but smog now blankets large portions of Asia in rather horrific concentrations.

Smog obscures Hong Kong’s harbour in 2007. I’ve read that they have since put up billboards along the harbour walkway showing the way the view looks on the rare occurence of a clear day. 
Smog obscures the industry on Hong Kong's harbourIn Thailand in 2014 the smog was so thick you couldn’t see the billboard.Pattaya smog on the highway I used the smoggy sun from a Thailand photo together with some scratched paint from a Thai wall and an out-of-focus photo of smoky fireworks to form this Bangkok smog abstract.
Bangkok Pollution Abstract More of Jennifer Nichole-Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge: Smog


5 responses to “One Word Photo Challenge: Smog

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  2. I love your abstract! Thank you for sharing these images. Whether I mean to or not, I feel so disconnected from the the world outside the walls of my home sometimes. It’s good to have another perspective shared with you. I don’t think I realized the smog got that bad.

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