One Four Challenge October Week 2: The Sacred Shore

This week I’m seeing which programs/photo apps give the most appealing subtle images.

The first two are from Stackables. This one uses the Formula ‘Winter Blues’, which reminds me of an old faded photo on metal.
Wedding hydrangeas in the Parador on the Sacred Shore of the Rio Sil in Spain: Stackables Stackable’s Formula ‘Pale World’ produces an image that reminds me of the ‘hand-tinted’ look done in Photoshop. Wedding hydrangeas in the Parador on the Sacred Shore of the Rio Sil in Spain: Stackables Photoshop’s easy ‘Hand-Tinted’ photo look. I prefer the Photoshop version; there’s a lot more control in lightening specific areas and adjusting the colours, although that may be because I have a way better handle on Photoshop than I do on Stackables.  (How to do this easy hand-tinted look in Photoshop.)
Parador wedding as hand-tinted photo One more attempt; this version using the free Photoshop Express app. There is a lot less selection of looks in this app but each look is infinitely adjustable. This is the slightly adjusted ‘Misty’ look, followed by some heavy duty lightening up ‘Shadows’ and warming up ‘Temperature’.
screen grab 'misty' from Photoshop Express photo app The final result for Photoshop Express’s ‘Misty’.Wedding hydrangeas in the Parador on the Sacred Shore of the Rio Sil in Spain: Misty in Photoshop Express

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9 responses to “One Four Challenge October Week 2: The Sacred Shore

  1. More great trials with software and apps – very appealing. Photographically I like the PS version best… but.. I really like what the Stackables app can do. It really seems very versatile and shows some beautiful ‘old’ results. Might need to check it out 😀 Never thought I’d play with apps 😛

  2. Another fun week of experiments, I think I like the foreground hydrangea in the PS hand-tinted edit, but I like the texture of the stonework in the Misty edit. 😀

  3. I love Stackables app..and the effects you added to the photo. I think “Pale World” is my favorite…though I do like the details that show up with the final edit!

  4. Hi Eliza – I like the photoshop hand tint because of its softer look – You can’t please everybody 🙂 This is all a matter of personal preferences, but what I find really useful is to see the changes in interpretation using different software. So thanks for taking this approach in your series this month.

    • I am currently gallivanting around Ireland and having trouble commenting on your post on my iPad mini. So I will say that I loved both what you did with the deer in last month’s challenge and the selection of colour within the heart shape worked particularly well with this image. And now I must go….

  5. I like your second one in the first three variations, the hand tinted look – the third one is a bit soft and glowy for me, whereas the second one has the softer toning but enough detail in the hydrangea to catch the eye – nice experimenting 🙂

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