The colours of spring...

One Word Challenge: Spring Colours

I was about to put something completely different for this ‘spring’ challenge, but when I did a search for ‘spring’ on my computer this ancient (2003) image popped up.

At the time I wanted to put a colour palette together for some jewelry I was making. One way  of doing this was to gather a bunch of images that said ‘spring’ to me and using the eyedropper tool, suck out the colours and add them to various squares.
The colours of spring...The main reason this particular image got my attention is that I’m now in the process of putting together a bunch of jewelry that reminds me of an Irish bog, and I think this might be one way to do it. Incidentally, the bogs are actually much prettier than they sound, with soft rusts, greens, pinky heather tones and yellows!

More of Jennifer Nichole-Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge: Spring.

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