Madrid Lamps in Sketch Guru's Gouache Effect

One Four Challenge November Week 1: Madrid Lamp Standards

This month I’m trying to repeat what I did for October’s One Four Challenge, which was something along the lines of:

  1. Which app gives the best painted look?
  2. Which app produces the best saturated image?
  3. Which one is the best for (almost) black and white?
  4. Which one produces the best subtle colouring?

Again I am going to my Spanish photos for the image, but this one is very different than my Sacred Shore wedding shot. Here is the original, a shot of some regal lamp posts in Madrid. Madrid Lamp Standards First off I ran into trouble with Waterlogue, where many of the looks produced bold white outlines around the semi-silhouetted lamp posts, the exceptions being Natural, Soaked and Rainy.
A screen grab of the Madrid Lamps in Waterlogue The ‘Natural’ look definitely looks like a watercolour, and was probably the best of the bunch but I wasn’t that crazy about it.The Madrid Lamps in Waterlogue's 'Natural' Watercolour Stackables has some heavy textured paint strokes that can sometimes produce a painted look. But in this case I feel that the lamp posts are too finely detailed for the coarseness of the paint strokes.
Madrid Lamps in Stackables with Textured Paint Overlay Sketch Guru produced this as its watercolour look, very pretty but not much like a real watercolour.The Madrid Lamps in Sketch Guru WatercolourMy favourite for the week was Sketch Guru’s ‘Gouache’ which captured the almost surrealistic feel of the photo – the only thing I’d change is to edit out the security cameras, although that would be a real pain to do.Madrid Lamps in Sketch Guru's Gouache Effect

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6 thoughts on “One Four Challenge November Week 1: Madrid Lamp Standards

  1. The ‘Gouache’ edit is pretty and I like the slight smoothing and dulling of the colors. Your query of which app gives the best painted look… I’d have to say, of the 4 presented here, that I’d vote for Waterlogue Natural. Interesting challenge within a challenge you have going here, looking forward to future weeks. 🙂

    1. I think I picked up a ton of useful information about different ways of editing from my last month’s ‘challenge within a challenge’ which is why I’m carrying on with the concept in this month’s challenge.

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