One Word Challenge: Volcano

As this is the last of Jennifer’s weather challenges I thought I’d go out with a boom.

First some red hot lava flowing down a crusty wall in Thailand.Bangkok Abstract Volcanic Lava Flow Then a couple of volcanoes courtesy of the informational signs at a couple of my favourite volcanoes in the States. One was from the Columbia Gorge in Oregon, explaining how basalt is formed.Art School Locker Abstract Volcano The other was from Mount St Helens in Washington, telling the history of the mountain. 
2nd Volcano abstractHere’s part of the Mt St Helens sign that tells the Cowlitz Indian story of the volcano.
Mt St Helens sign telling the Cowlitz Indian story of the volcanoThe volcanoes also contained a layer of a scratched up locker from the art school and this chemistry experiment called ‘Magic Volcano’. I only had the circle images which had been edited for the web but that added an interesting shape to the final volcanoes.
magic volcano chemistry experiment

More interpretations of ‘Pick Your Own’ at Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge: Pick Your Own.


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