One Word Photo Challenge: Aperture

My little waterproof point and shoot worked well for most situations but I was craving a camera with some sort of aperture control.

Enter my new Canon PowerShot SX710. I’ve had it for six months now, and only got around to testing the aperture controls this week in response to Jennifer’s Challenge.

Seed heads of dead Japanese anemones.

Because I wanted some images with a shallow depth of field, I set the Canon to Av (Aperture Priority), dialled the aperture as wide as it would go (3.2) and tried to take the picture. But it seemed that even though it was set on Macro it would only focus on the Magnolia tree in the background; the anemones stayed frustratingly out of focus.
A Japanese Anemone in a 'depth of field' experiment After doing some zooming in, and figuring out how the manual focus worked (badly), I finally got an image closer to what I wanted.  Now the anemones were in focus and the tree in the background was blurred. But  I had really wanted a macro shot and the manual focus absolutely refused to focus when zoomed in any further.
A Japanese Anemone in a 'depth of field' experiment I tried a shot from another angle and that didn’t work at all.
A Japanese Anemone in a 'depth of field' experiment Then I moved over to a different patch of anemones and was finally able to get close to what I was envisioning. Here the background was the road, and as the camera couldn’t find anything to focus on there, it focussed instead on the anemone plant. The frost was an added bonus.
Frost on a Japanese Anemone; 'depth of field' experimentA frosty anemone leaf.
Frost on a dead leaf in a 'Depth of Field' experiment The seed heads. I did have to play with the manual focus to get this shot, really hard to work with when you have frozen hands.
Frost on an anemone plant in a 'Depth of Field' experiment About the manual focus: My Canon SX710 camera is a point and shoot making the manual focus tricky to use. One is required to scroll up or down until the image appears to be in focus, then ‘set’ it and do a bit of fancy footwork back and forth until the image comes into focus again.
Manual Focus on my Canon SX710 Camera My attempts at a forcing a shallow focus photo out of my old waterproof camera by using the macro mode.

Jennifer Nichole-Wells One Word Photo Challenge: Aperture


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