Playing with Layers in Photoshop: Frosty Heather

I am carrying on with my experiments from last week’s challenge: aperture.

I was playing with depth of field on a bunch of plants around the neighbourhood. This set features my frosty heather.
'depth of field' on a point and shoot If you saw my aperture post you will know that I was having a devil of a time trying to get my little point and shoot to focus on certain macro subjects. I was just about to toss out the shot below when I fell for the little concentric twinkles of frost.
Out-of-focus frost on pink heather I overlaid this out-of-focus image on top of a shot that was in focus using the ‘lighten’ blending mode in Photoshop. 
Frost on HeatherJust to compare, below is an image deliberately blurred using Gaussian blur, with no little sparkly bits.
Guassian blur of frost on pink heatherDesaturated and laid over another in focus shot of the heather using ‘multiply’ blending mode gives a completely different look.
Frost on Heather More of Jennifer Nichole-Wells One Word Photo Challenge: Appliance.


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