One Four Challenge December Review 1

I’d like to start off this review month by first giving a great big thanks to Robyn for hosting this challenge, and then reflecting on what I have learnt from participating in it. I have learnt so much!

1. Rescuing an out-of-focus photo. I jumped into the Challenge back in November 2014 with a photo that looked great on my little camera screen, but was sadly out of focus when I brought it up on my big screen.

And this is where I learned that I could rescue such a photo if I was willing to let go of one of my preconceived ideas which was ‘focus is critical, especially in black and white’. PS. I also learned a lot more about layering in Photoshop. (More about editing an out-of-focus image of a Burmese monk.)
Shwenandaw Monastery Monk with a texture applied and 'Hard Light' Blending mode.

2. A whole bunch about how to brighten up an image. What I was trying to do with this image was replace the uniformly grey sky with a more dramatic one.

This was done by painfully erasing all parts of the boat that overlapped into the dramatic sky area. This turned out to be massively time-consuming, especially when I realized that I would have to have the same dramatic sky reflected in the water.

And after all that work, the final result was dark and disappointing. Then Robyn suggested I use a neutral density filter and play around with clarity. (More about playing around with light, what a difference!)

Hoi An Boats in Sepia
3. Really exploring an app while keeping an eye on the best ways to use it. In a March post I put my ‘Burmese fishermen’ shot through Waterlogue and it was just too easy. I actually wrote, ‘That was a nice quick edit. Except for the fact that I’m now running a whole bunch of photos from that same boat trip through the app to see what happens.’ (More about putting an app through its paces.) Inle Lake Boat Trip: Fisherman Apped in Waterlogue

4. Even a good photo can be made better. I have to admit that I was pretty pleased with my photo of the Parador on the Sacred Shore. But now I know that any photo can be improved – it all depends on what you want it to ‘say’.  (Below is my proud original, this is the post that shows my four choices from the edits.) Wedding hydrangeas in the Parador on the Sacred Shore of the Ruio Sil in Spain

5. Sometimes you need to take a break from blogging. I have learned that it is impossible to keep blogging while I’m travelling, and that when I spend too much time on the computer bits and pieces of me start to hurt. So I’m planning on cutting back some too.

For next week’s review post I’m planning on looking at ways to go forward now that one of my fave challenges takes a break.

Enjoy your time off Robyn and thanks for being such an inspiration!

For more of Robyn G’s One Four Challenge Review.


4 responses to “One Four Challenge December Review 1

  1. Eliza it’s been so great to meet you through our challenge and as you know I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your experiments and open minded approach to what you are doing with your images. Loved the ah-ha moments in the Monk and the Boats. It’s been a delight and I have also learned from watching you 🙂 I’ve even used an editing App now! 😀
    I think one of the things I have enjoyed so much (is watching and learning and.. watching others grow and try new things too) – alongside meeting all the wonderful people, throughout the challenge, including yourself.
    Thank You for participating xx

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