January Challenge: Hellebores in My Winter Garden

The only thing out in January in Vancouver gardens are Hellebores, otherwise known as Lenten Rose.

The flowers tend to face downwards so that the only way to properly photograph them was to lie down underneath them and shoot upwards. The wet ground made this quite undesirable so instead I placed the camera just below these drooping Hellebores, and took the photos blindly, resulting in some odd cropping. But with the surprisingly sunny weather they were transformed into backlit jewels.
Hellebore Backlit burgundy Hellebore flower Backlit pale Hellebore flower It had just rained here but the sky was very bright…
Hellebore in the rain hellebore helleboreMore of January: Winter Garden Challenge


9 responses to “January Challenge: Hellebores in My Winter Garden

  1. So beautiful! I have been know to somehow prop up my hellebores so I can take pictures of their faces, But usually I am laying on the wet ground as well. 🙂

  2. It turned out that the solution to not having to lie down on the wet grass resulted in the happy accident of backlighting and a different way of cropping images than my usual. Afterwards I found myself looking for other flowers that drooped downwards, and was disappointed to find that there weren’t that many…

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