One Word Challenge: Backlit Orchid

While I was waiting in a bookstore/cafe/giftshop for a friend I browsed through a coffee table book on flowers. The photos were mostly macro and all the flowers were stunningly backlit, giving me an idea for this post.

I had an old light table, courtesy of my years as a graphic artist before computers put my career into a tail spin. Plus a beautiful fragrant orchid that had just come into bloom.

But when I went to set it up I realized that photographing the flower on the light table meant uprooting it, and as I’ve had this little guy for seven or eight years I was not willing to let him go.

Instead I set up some boxes in the hall and took some shots in front of the door’s sidelight – maybe almost as good!
Purple-Green Fragrant Orchid BacklitA close-up of the back-lit orchid.
Purple-Green Fragrant Orchid Backlit A front-lit shot for comparison, so completely different.Purple-Green Fragrant Orchid More on Jennifer NicholeWells One Word Challenge: Backlit.


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